10 Ways Biotechnology Improves Our Lives Beyond GMO Crops

Beef Runner

Image via library.cshl.edu Image via library.cshl.edu

Farmers and ranchers are the original environmental stewards. Ever since the earliest days of open range grazing, U.S. Agriculture has been working one on one with our natural resources. There have been a few rough patches through expansion, but we have learned enormous amounts of information about working with an in our environments and that effort continues every day. However, if you log in to many online forums or even turn on the television, one might be persuaded otherwise if we consider all the negativity surrounding the topics of modern food production today.

Many of the hottest debates center around the topics of biotechnology. You may see it referenced as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) or addressing companies that license and specialize in these technologies, like Monsanto. Many online forums blast out messages of how unnatural biotechnologies are and many folks are adamantly against their use.


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